Dear Mr. Klinger, I'm a high school student and started a website design business so that I can raise $15,000 in order to buy a Model A Tudor Sedan I can drive on a daily basis to school and just in general when I turn 16 next summer. My questions for you is - I live in Missouri, and they put salt on the roads a lot in the winter, which can result in rust. How can I prevent the salt from damaging the car. Also, how easy is it to learn and drive a Model A, as having no experience driving one.

$15,000 will get you a great running and looking example of a Model A Tudor Sedan and I am thrilled to hear you want to make that your daily driver. You will surely have the most unique vehicle in your High School parking lot!

Regarding your question on road salt…there is no avoiding that and the best you can do is prepare the car and religiously wash it to slow the long term damage. I would recommend very thoroughly undercoating the car and then make it mandatory that you handwash the car (and spray the underneath) once a week regardless of weather and schedule. (Having a heated space to wash the car will help immensly…)

As far as how hard is it to learn to drive a Model A? Keep in mind that millions of people since 1928 learned to drive on Model A’s as their first vehicle so it is very doable. However, the real answer depends on how mechanically inclined you are. If you have an understanding on how non-computerized drivetrains operate and understand the basics of operating a clutch then you will be just fine. If not, you will have more of a learning curve but it is still entirely possible. Do you know anyone who owns or knows how to drive a Model A? If so, this will be a big help for you.

Thanks for your note and best of luck!


Hi Jon; I've really enjoyed your videos and your website...I had a 1930 Tudor back in the early '70's and drove it almost every day for 6 years. My questions are have you installed seatbelts? And also turn signals? I see your car has an extra taillamp on the right side and lamps installed on the front bumper. I currently have a 1930 Murray Town Sedan that runs but isn't driveable yet.

Thanks for the note!  I do have seatbelts and turn signals.  Although, at some point I want to integrate the turn signals into the tailights and make them more visible up front because I don’t think people see them all that well unless it is dark out.  I also have LED inserts in the tailights which are significantly brighter than the stock bulbs.  Those LED inserts are readily available through the Model A suppliers and you can get them for 6 and 12 volt systems. 

How much is a 1930 ford model a tudor sedan worth?

Depending on condition you can get a running and driving example starting at $8,000 all the way up to the low $20,000 range.  Of course there are examples that fall outside this range but that is a good average. 

How did you wash the car when it needed washed? And could you take it through an automatic car wash if you wanted too?

I always hand washed it and regularly would hose off the undercarriage as well.  I would not recommend taking it through an automatic car wash as I think you would end up with just as much water on the inside as on the outside of the car!  The door and window seals are not nearly as tight as modern day cars.  You should also refrain from using high pressure water for this same reason…

Should I use a lead additive to the gas for my model a? If so, what do you recommend I use or get as an additive?

I don’t run a lead additive but I have hardened exhaust valve seats in my engine. If your engine does not have hardened valve seats then it might not be a bad idea to run an additive. You can buy lead substitute at most supportive supply stores in the fuel additive section. 

What kind of oil do model a's use?

If you ask this question to ten people you will get ten different answers. I run Non-detergent 30 and change it every 1,000 miles. If you have added an oil filter then you should use more conventional detergent engine oil. 

Could you please make a video on how to adjust the brakes on the Mighty Model A?

I am currently traveling so I won’t be able to make a custom video in the near future for you.  However, here is a link to a video of someone else adjusting Model A brakes:

Did you take the manifold heater kit off for the summer?

When I was driving it every day, yes I did remove the manifold heater kit for the summer.  However, I have left it on since then…including when I drove it on the 2,300 mile Great Race Rally last summer.  There are times when I wish I didn’t have it on but living in Northern Michigan there are also many times I am glad I do have it. 

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