Day 241 - Driving Impressions

Saturday, June, 11th

Today, for the first time, I realized something that has happened over the past 241 days to my driving habits.  The first ten miles of my commute to work is on a winding road that starts out at a 45 MPH speed limit and then most of it is a 35 MPH speed limit.  Prior to this year long journey in the Mighty Model A I would find myself rather annoyed when I was behind someone going exactly the speed limit or less.  Seeing that it is a very curvy road that follows the shoreline of the Grand Traverse Bay there are very few passing lanes.  But, trust me…I knew every single passing lane and went around these people every chance I could. 

But, at least half the time I would get caught by a red light once I got closer to town.  You can guess what happens next…all those cars I had just passed were right behind me. 

Now that I am in the Model A I really can’t safely pass anyone in these short passing lanes so I just hang back a safe distance and drive with traffic instead of trying to beat it.  (There have been a few times I’ve went around someone going literally 15 or 20 MPH, but that really doesn’t count.)  And there are times people go around me in the passing zones.  But, guess what happens….I usually end up right behind them at one of the red lights in town. 

I guess the lesson for me to remember ais for my daily commute it does me very little good to try and be the speed racer down the peninsula.  I should only pass when the person ahead of me is going much slower than average….

This is another reason why I am convinced that if you put someone in any old car with limitations compared to modern cars you are just plain forced to be a better driver with the driving record to prove it.